May 27, 2023

Inclinometer AXIS was installed in Palace Mieroszewskich in Będzin to monitor its front wall’s inclination changes.

A view of a crack in the palace wall indicates the instability of the building and the need to constantly monitor the inclination angle of this fragment.

Location of the AXIS inclinometer in the Mieroszowski Palace. The sensors are placed on the inside of the attic in such a way that: are not visible to visitors of the Zagłębie Museum, which is located in the palace.

View of both sensors of the installed AXIS inclinometer. The sensors are attached using dedicated mounts directly to the attic wall of the Mieroszewski Palace.

Here are the measurement results recorded in the first two hours, just after the AXIS system started on May 27, 2023, around 12:15.

  • Visible significant changes in inclination are caused by strong sunlight (high noon).
  • The direction of inclination changes in the second hour due to shading – the sun hides behind tall trees.
  • The initial output was 22.872″. For better visualization purposes, this value was normalized to “zero” on the computer chart.
  • An interesting observation is the range of results marked with a black circle, which corresponds to the short presence of 2 people in the room on the floor below, just below the area of measuring vessel No. 2.
  • There is a visible change in inclination by 0.02″ related to the deformation of the entire structure under the influence of a load of approximately 150 kg. (these were people with an average body build).
  • This result confirms the high resolution of the measurement method and the ability to dynamically observe subtle changes in the geometry of the monitored object.
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