Our unique measuring method uses the flatness of a free liquid surface as a reference for the measurements of vertical displacements.

The way that the sensors are designed guarantees their very high resolution and unparalleled long-term reliability.

The design principle of our devices achieves the ultimate goals of measuring sensors: proportionality and linearity in the entire measuring range.

Unlike other precision devices for measuring very small displacements, the indications of ULTRAXIS sensors are independent of the local gravity. They do not require any specific calibration after installation at any place on Earth.

Theoretically, they could also be installed on a completely different planet, and without making any corrections, they would work perfectly (assuming they are tested within the operational temperature range).

Thanks to the careful selection of technology and materials, ULTRAXIS devices are extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical loads as well as electromagnetic interference. This has been confirmed in practice, during more than twenty years of operation of our measurement equipment in very difficult conditions, e.g. in the vicinity of harmful fumes and liquids, or near generators of very strong electromagnetic fields.

An image of a water dam illustrating the capabilities of ULTRAXIS

“The results of Ultraxis sensors based measurements of these objects (water dams) allow the development of a model of object behavior under the influence of various factors such as the annual cycle of temperature changes, the level of lower stream and upper stream water, emptying the turbine chamber, etc.

Such a model can facilitate the prediction of damage based on the appearance of changes that deviate from typical behavior e.g. the appearance of a much stronger dependence of the inclination as a function of the water level.

The results obtained with the help of Ultraxis sensors allow the observation of subtle deformations of the object, which are valuable when creating and calibrating new models of the object (e.g. the finite element method).”

Paweł Popielski PhD, D.Sc. (Head of Hydro – Engineering and Hydraulics Department Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering Warsaw University of Technology. Director Geo – Hydro Technical Analysis Centre Institute for Applied Research Warsaw University of Technology).

Advantages of the Ultraxis measurement method:

· Very high resolution and accuracy, regardless of the measuring range

· Linear characteristic throughout the entire measuring range

· Resistance to external conditions

· Measurement characteristic totally independent of temperature

· No mechanical moving parts in the design of the sensors that cause other types of sensors to drift over time

· Can be used in a wide range of measuring devices (e.g. hydrostatic level, inclinometer, water level measurement, fluid leakage measurements, etc.)

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