November, 2021

Installation of Hydrostatic Levelling System (HLS) in the auxiliary laboratory of the Space Research Center in Warsaw (SRC).

“Initial observation results indicate that the sensitivity of the liquid level measurement is better than 0.01 µm, and the long-term stability is better than 1 Arcsec per year.

This gives rise to the expectation that the proposed HLS solution can be widely used in geodynamic research related to tectonic motions. Specifically, there are plans to measure the movements of the rocky blocks in the Świebodzice Depression Unit (Książ region), owing to the already-observed coincidence of tectonic activity in the Książ massif with the seismic activity of the Foresudetic Monocline.

Due to its unique measurement parameters as well extended operation temperature range, a non-water-based HLS should also arouse interest in the rapidly developing SHM (Structural Health Monitoring).”

source: Article ID sciforum-061125 submitted to 9th International Symposium on Sensor Science.

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