Securing stability

At Ultraxis we offer innovative solutions to secure the stability of your buildings in today’s turbulent world.

Constructions such as tall buildings, bridges, water dams, or power plants are a significant investment. They are destined to serve for many decades if not centuries. Many of them are of strategic nature.

It’s essential to protect them from collapse or failing to function.

Detecting trends which can lead to structural failure can save lives and economics.

The process of implementing a damage identification strategy in infrastructure is referred to as structural health monitoring (SHM). Here, the damage is defined as changes to the geometric properties of these systems.

As the damage grows, it will reach a point where it affects the system operation to a point that is no longer acceptable to the user. This point is referred to as failure.

Under an extreme event, such as an earthquake or unanticipated blast loading, SHM is used for rapid condition screening. This screening is intended to provide, in near real-time, reliable information about system performance during such extreme events and the subsequent integrity of the system.

Public-safety and economic benefits associated with such an approach will only be realized if the monitoring system provides sufficient warning such that corrective action can be taken before the damage evolves to a failure level.

The heart of such a system designed by ULTRAXIS consists of ultrasonic sensors, which meet the highest standards in terms of resolution, long-term stability, and durability.

This type of innovative approach not only significantly increases the safety of objects monitored with ultrasonic sensors but also gives a very tangible economic effect, thanks to the avoidance of significant costs associated with the repair of serious damage that often results from the accumulation of minor damage.

This concept is highly sophisticated, demanding, and in its philosophy truly ecological and humanitarian, as it saves nature and human life.

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